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Originally Posted by thestu View Post
Is there something I can pull, test, trace to get more info on my high interrupts for further troubleshooting?
Not at this point. We reported it this morning and the next step is they will try to recreate it. If they can't, then they may ask for logs and other details. However, I think they will be successful in replicating because I was able to find a problem.

I mentioned I had been running RAM tests all week and would have noticed any kind of CPU interference. Instead my results were incredible precise, but I was also using my older Domiantor Platinum 3200C15 4x4 (Non-RGB). In the past, the only stuff that has really been problematic with CPU usage is the RGB RAM. Software mode is still very resource intensive and I always use the hardware lighting mode. As a result, I think I missed this in early testing. I put my Dominator RGB kit i just got back last week on. Still in hardware mode, my Time Spy 12 CPU "crystal test" is all over the place with iCUE 3.19 running in the background. Huge 2000-3000 point swings (33% variance) between runs and massively less than the 4x4 kit. I uninstalled iCUE and set identical timings as my Dominator 4x4 kit. The result? Identical score to the other kit. Clearly iCUE is having some negative effect on CPU performance and it is fairly strong. I don't get anywhere near the level of system interrupts you get (2-3% at most and lower with iCUE running), however that is a 4x increase over using non-RGB RAM at identical settings.

You were right, there is a problem and the issue seems to be with RGB RAM.
You appear to have the Vengeance PRO RGB line. I have been using my non-RGB kit for the last month and did not pick up on the problem because it doesn't exist when I use the other RAM. With the RGB RAM on and 3.19, I am definitely getting FPS drops and the minimum frame rate is much lower than it should be. This becomes crystal clear in CPU bottlenecked games like MMOs with not much other overhead. It doesn't show up as usage increase for me, but more like the traditional system interrupt that tanks your performance with micro-stutter, etc. I have my Gsync turned off, so I think that aspect is a dead horse. Thank you for being so thorough. The possible cause didn't quite hit me until I saw the charts in the post above and it reminded me of early RAM issues.

So I think the obvious step here is to stay on 3.18. Naturally I have done a vast amount of creating in 3.19, so I won't be using any of those profiles right now. I would not expect a fix until 3.20 next month.
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