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Just a follow-up for anyone that might be searching for the answer as I was:
You can put the H115i in the front bay of the Obsidian 750D. The hoses were just the right length.
I decided to gamble and reconfigure my tower completely last night.
I now have (140mm) fans in the top drawing air out, (1) 140mm blowing out at the back, (1) 120mm drawing in cool air from the bottom.
I mounted the fans on the inside drawing the air through the radiator.

I'm using a Gigabyte GA-Z170X-GAMING7 mobo.

I dropped 30c, no joke. I attribute this to fresh cool air being pulled through the radiator rather than trying to push already crazy hot air (heated by my oc'd 1080TI SC2) through the radiator.

I gamed all night and never topped 47c. The room was 28c. The last few nights with similar or cooler ambient temps the cpu would hit 75-80c.
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