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Sad Corsair VOID RGB USB accidentally removed device, can't re-install drivers manually

I was using the headest with my PS4 (and it still works perfectly fine on there) but just the other night I plugged it back into my pc, and the lights were on, and CUE even detected it, but there was no audio. I went into my playback devices and it said it wasn't connected. For whatever reason I thought 'removing' the device then re-plugging would solve my problem, but I think I accidentally made it worse. Now CUE still detects the headset, but anytime I try to change a setting, it crashes the app. I still have no audio of course but the lights are still on, and when I go back into device manager the headset is "unspecified" and when I try to install the drivers via device manager, it takes a long time to try to install them, then I get an error saying it stopped trying because it was taking too long. It says to check the device manufacturer's website for drivers. I already made a support ticket out, but I just thought maybe somebody here might know what I could try.
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