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Is there a requirement to use pin 3, or can I move that to any PWM capable pin? (I can't find anything documenting what capabilities the fan data out pin should have, but pin3 supports GPIO, PWM, half the i2c interface, and is interrupt enabled.)

In particular, I'm wondering if I can move it to pin 5, which still has PWM, but doesn't have interrupts. (or does fastLED need the interrupt or i2c stuff that pin3 supports?)

My reason for asking is that I'd like to keep the interrupt capable pins available for other things - in particular eventual user controls. I realize that fastLED will block interrupts, but my impression is that they are only delayed (and not shoved into a black hole.) Reacting to an interrupt (even one delayed) should be considerably faster than polling for button presses, as well as less error prone (and relieves me of the burden of polling for a button release after I see a button press in order to determine a "press/release" cycle.)

I STILL haven't started putting this thing together even though I have the parts. That hasn't stopped me from reading everything I can and thinking a lot about it.
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