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Originally Posted by garyd9 View Post
So 2.5k of "RAM" and 1k of persistent storage. That won't fit much. Are there variants of the same "Pro Micro" board that have more EEPROM or perhaps something that can use some type of external (USB based) storage?

My concern is that 1k isn't likely going to be enough space for storing the program AND storing multiple custom complex sequences that can be switched via button presses.

That's what she's worried about. I love writing code, and really enjoy embedded systems. I really miss the days of software development where you had to optimize code and profile it... and would write assembly to make things faster and smaller instead of just telling customers to buy more memory or a faster processor.
Sorry, I should clarify:
Firmware program machine code goes in flash, which is 28,672 byes.

The new code on my side has increased from 11,736 bytes compiled to 17,254 bytes compiled. I've been trying to do occasional optimization on it via manual brute force changes. It's interesting what things affect compiled code size. However AVRs tend to be tricky. Technically you could code for the ARM that the LNP uses, but the toolchain for that and supply of easy libraries is lacking.

I've dropped the current test code onto a new branch on Git for you to see what's up. Branch controller-0.2.0
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