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Exclamation New PC BIOS Fan Speeds HIGH


I'm hoping someone can educate me on a few things and help me figure out what's going on with my 2 PCs.

I built a PC 1-2 yrs ago with an H55 120mm AIO cooler on it; runs quiet, cpu temps have always been fine. I recently built a brand new gaming PC (current one will become streaming PC) but this new build is VERY loud. I've never touched fan speeds or BIOS settings but this time I decided to take a look. I'm hoping you can see below and help me out!

New Build: Gaming PC w H100x 240mm AIO cooler
CPU_FAN = 4000 RPM
SYS_FAN 1 = 1000 RPM (assuming this is case fan)
SYS_FAN 2 = 1000 RPM (assuming this is case fan)
Total of 7700 RPM for this PC *while idle*. I haven't tested gaming yet because this was immediately apparent with how loud the PC is.

STREAM PC (used for 1-2 yrs, 120mm H55 AIO):
CPU_FAN = 1800 RPM
PUMP_FAN = 0/undetected
SYS_FAN 1 = 0/undetected (odd b/c I have 2 case fans)
SYS_FAN 2 = 0/undetected (odd b/c I have 2 case fans)
Total of 1800 RPM while idle.

1. What is "CPU Fan" vs "Pump Fan" ? Which one is the AIO?
2. Both PCs have an AIO, so why would my current stream PC not recognize a Pump Fan?
3. Similarly, why would my current PC not recognize the case fans?
4. My new PC has CPU Fan on "PWM" and "Smart Control ON" running at 4000 RPM while idle. This seems crazy no?
5. New PC has Pump Fan on "PWM" and "Smart Control OFF" - I've read online that Pump fans need to be 100%, so should I switch it to DC instead of PWM?
6. When I switch my SYS Fans to "Smart Control ON" they go down from 1000 to about 900. That should be fine right?

Anyways, thanks to anyone who goes through this, I really appreciate your time and consideration.
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