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Default H110i GTX Clogs and Buildup

Sharing my experience with the H110i GTX for those having similar problem.

I first noticed the problem when my CPU would show temperatures upwards of 100c under medium load but showed no signs of pump or fan failure. One hose was hot while the other was cold so I suspected a clog somewhere in the loop.

After reapplying heat paste to no avail and no longer covered by the 5 year warranty I decided to open up the water block to discover the fins on the cold plate were completely clogged with some sort of sediment. There was very little corrosion one would expect from copper and it instead looked like a hard grey substance similar to concrete. Upon popping off the water pump cover I discovered even more buildup which was sticking to everything from plastic to rubber to metal. It had the gritty consistency of hard sand and was very tough to remove without lots of scraping, isopropyl, and vinegar.

I flushed the entire system the best I could and replaced the coolant with distilled water. It seems to be running fine and reading temperatures of 30c when idle and 60-70 under load but I am still curious to what caused such a large build up which would completely clog the system. With my fans getting progressively louder I believe this has been happening for a while and I just now noticed the temperatures which is a shame since my warranty ran out months ago. Not that I could afford the RMA cost right now anyways...

I suspect its a manufacturing defect or negligence during production which caused these issues. The deposits seemed similar to scale build up one would get in coffee makers except grey but that shouldn't have happened if demineralized water was used in the cooling solution. It makes me question what exactly was used to fill these coolers with. I'm only glad I caught the problem before it caused any major damage to my CPU compared to the few years of life it took from it.

Feel free to share your own experiences with the H110i GTX. To me this is unacceptable for the amount of money which was spent on it and the potential damage it can cause to components. Corsair should be offering free replacements to any owners lucky enough to be aware of this problem.

Thank you for reading.
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