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Originally Posted by Mikey202 View Post
That shed some light on the situation. I've known not to mix pairs from the DDR3 days however thought I'd give it a go.

A slightly more worry is within the last few hours I've tried it with just the 1 8GB stick to see if it was maybe a iffy slot on the board or something along those lines. However after using it for a little while, again its started with the BSOD's again.

I'm really lost for thought now and not sure how to proceed with this.

Thanks for the reply also!
Verify the RAM timings and such with Corsair before you assume its bad. What board are you using anyway?

EDIT: Sorry but I've gotten used to most people not filling out the system specs option. This is just my previous experience with ASUS in general and one reason I stopped using them for a while is that I had a slot go bad (think it was DIMM.2) on two entirely different ASUS boards back in the day (day being within the last 6-7 years). In no way am I saying this is the case with you, but as for using the RAM only in pairs, this will improved performance but it IS NOT required as it will just run in the 1 channel mode and will assist in determining if you have a bad stick. That little back story I gave you? Memtest said the RAM was fine too. And I believe it as once I yanked two sticks (DIMM.2 and 4) the system was fine, just half the RAM.

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