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I have five Performance Edition AF-120's (30 db) in my Corsair 600T case as well as the 120 and 240 that came with it (specs unknown). The case is pretty quiet and I can't really tell of the AF's are more or less quiet compared to the case fans that came with the box. I'd be very happy if my Ultra ran as quietly while still giving the same or better cooling compared to what's in there now..

Are you saying to go with the AF-120 PE or the SP-120 PE? At 35 db, the SP's don't seem like they would be much noisier but could possibly push more air into the case. I don't know (but perhaps you can tell me) if an SP would be right for the case exhaust or if an AF-120 PE might be better in that application.

When I built the Ultra PC I'm sure I selected the fans based on CFM and they certainly do move a lot of air. Basically, what I'm looking for is the best Corsair 120mm fan(s) for this application (case input and output).
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