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technically you dont need the Node Pro should you get the Commander Pro. so really you only need the one header on your motherboard to devote to you Corsair devices. i suppose its more for bringing all the control into one place (Corsair link). to be able to tie your H115i's fan curves in with rest of cases fan curves is a well worthy option.. the zero RPM option works well. in my case i have 6 LL fans and 3 HD fans. only the 2 LL fans on my H100i v2 and the editrear exhaust fan run constantly (generally at about 850rpm). the rest kick in when gaming and temps rise. nice having all that control in one place ;)..

i also have 8 strips So i am using 2 x RGB Fan LED hubs on the Commander and a Node pro for the 8x strips.. SO.. node pro on usb header 1 of the Commander Pro and my H100 i on Usb header 2 on Commander pro, leaving me a usb header on my motherboard free for other options (i needed to add more usb ports to rear of case!.. keyboard/mouse/pass through cables/headset stand/mouse pad/game pad/wheel/pedals/shifter/ext hdd. endless list lol

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