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You may not like the ML then. I would not classify them as a "silent fan". There aren't many of those. Where they really shine is in the middle RPM range on a radiator or other resistance. They have a working noise lower than most other comparable fans. However, the nature of the bearing (electrical suspension) is going to produce a sound, like when you run a current through anything. It's not what I would recommend to the ultra quiet crowd. It is a very good replacement for most standard radiator or case fans when you intend to go with a little speed. I can run ML140s up to 1100 before it is as noisy as a pair of Noctua at 900.

Unfortunately, I have another word of caution as well. The PWM variations of both the Vardar and BeQuiet SW2/SW3 fans have issues on the Commander Pro. There is something about the signal that is not compatible and the you usually loose control at some point. This is only for the PWM version and the DC 3 pin models work just fine. I have a shelf full of SW2 and SW3 fans in DC and PWM. I would not characterize them as a face full of air, but they do work and are about as quiet as it gets. In the 120mm size, I am not so fussy on SW2 vs SW3. In the 140mm size, there is a definite difference.
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