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Originally Posted by Saresh View Post
Heyho how are you guys ? got a question for Skywilliam profile, its possible de get this one without the sun ? I bought this keyboard today so i try to learn the custom program but not easy actually O_O

( Sorry for my english i learn myself ... )

Thank you.
Ok, to do this highlight all the keys, right click and select 'clear' then set the colour back to a mid-tone blue like it was.
Then delete the 'Sun' group. This should get rid of the sun from the profile.

Originally Posted by Gozzy View Post
Hi Schwitz,

Is it possible for you to release your profiles for use with UK layout K70 keyboards please? I had no idea I would end up with the \ and # keys not lighting up after importing the profiles. There is also no mention of the keyboard layouts which these profiles have been made for? It would be great to be able to resolve this annoyance :)


Hi Mate, I'm not sure how to change the regions over and if I try doing it I have no way of knowing if they work or not since I only have the US edition.

Your best bet is to find somebody experienced with converting the profiles over and either get then to teach you or ask them to convert them over so that they can be tested. Sorry I can't be more help than that.

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