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Originally Posted by jonnyguru View Post
Please read the entire thread. We've gone around and around with this already.

And modern PSUs do not have bleed resistors.

And LEDs require very little power, so a motherboard CAN hold enough of a charge to keep them lit.
I did the read the whole thread twice.

Eh I was wrong about the bleed capacitor thing (I looked for images of a RM1000 opened up and clicked on an older PSU image labled as such... ErP2013 compliance should have told me not to even bother though).

If I'm not mistaken the lights were staying on if it was plugged into the motherboard or hooked up to the fan controller. If they stayed on hooked up to the fan controller then the motherboard should have nothing to do with it.

Even if it was the motherboard it would be rare for them to hold power more than a few minutes after being removed from its own power source. Not impossible, but I was hoping to see pictures of the old board as there were some really strange power solutions on some 2002-2010 motherboards that could explain it.
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