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Originally Posted by RocketPuppy View Post
I'm glad everything is working for you, but I would probably take the offer to aRMA that PSU you were given if you could unplug the PSU and your fan LED's would remain on for hours.

That is something that simply should not ever happen, I'm not extremely familiar with the inner workings of a RM1000 but it will have bleed resistors draining the charge off the capacitors that can hold a charge for hours after a power down regardless of motherboard.

Motherboards generally don't have the kind of capacitors that would hold a charge for that long. Being that you had it plugged the fans into a fan controller and encountered the issue that should have eliminated the motherboard as a potential problem.

Would it be possible for you to take a few well-lit pictures of your old motherboard and upload them? I'm also curious to see what JohnnyGuru can find if he gets his hands on that PSU. In my head I can't figure out a reason for this to happen without there being both a problem with the PSU and the original motherboard. If either one alone was defective to the point it was leaking power that long it would be amazing it hasn't suffered out-right failure.
Please read the entire thread. We've gone around and around with this already.

And modern PSUs do not have bleed resistors.

And LEDs require very little power, so a motherboard CAN hold enough of a charge to keep them lit.
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