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Originally Posted by Spudmeister View Post
Just got the HS70 after reading/watching great reviews of it online. The sound quality of the speakers is fine, the features are fine, but the output level of the mic is so low that the headset is pretty much unusable. I have all the mic levels (win/icue/discord) maxed out, but still I people can barely make out what I'm saying over Discord. Even recordings on the Windows Voice Recorder are really low on volume. No amount of adjusting really solves the problem, neither from the software or the actual mic.

Is there anything that can be done, other than try to get my money back?
Do you happen to have any other sound management software installed? i.e: Realtek Audio Manager? If so, try uninstall it and see if it makes a difference. Another thing you can try is to do a firmware flash on the headset via iCUE. (Setting > Select the device > Update)
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