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The Lighting Node Pro is always required for LL fans at a minimum. That device is the software interface for lighting control. All of these RGB fans will also have a RGB Lighting Hub (in the triple pack) for actual lighting power. The Commander Pro is a LNP + fan controller. It replaces the LNP in the system doing the software interface job as well as 6 port fan controller for any DC/PWM fans connected to it. They do not have to be Corsair fans and it operates with or without the lighting aspect. You can probably price the C-Pro plus LL120 triple pack for your market, but it seems like the SE is an easy choice since the LL120 triple pack is more than that alone.

All-In-One water cooling systems are not meant to last forever and it will stop being effective or running at some future date. You need to view it as a product meant to last a certain number of years and the warranty is your insurance against a premature end. However, if you are the type who stays awake at night worrying the cooler will explode or it will fail while you are at lunch and melt the entire desk, water cooling may not be best choice. AIO products are a far lower risk on the user end than open water cooling systems, are easily removable, portable, and transferable between machines. It is mostly upside, but like nearly everything these days manufacturing tolerances have relaxed across the universe. The two types of people I might not recommend this for besides the overly worried example above are: 1) if the product failing two years from now while still under warranty would ruin your month; 2) if you are extremely noise sensitive and keep the case on your desk. An air tower is a hunk of metal and two fans. An AIO is a hunk of metal, two fans, and a small relatively high speed pump. I suspect you can guess the difference. For those who try and run a passive, absolute lowest fan speed possible type system, you are better of with air cooling. I am running 9 HD140s over 2x280mm radiators, and with a 3000 rpm D5 pump right now. All fans are just shy of 800 rpm. I can't hear a thing, because the floor fan 25 ft away on low speed is louder and covering the entire case that is only 4 ft from me. However, on a cold, dark Winter morning I sometimes swear this thing is making a racket. It's not. Know yourself and your environment.
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