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Originally Posted by c-attack View Post
That is a fan repeated or powered fan splitter. It takes 1 PWM signal from the motherboard and then repeats it for all fans on the hub. I can't tell from looking at it anything more than that. However, it most definitely will need external power (usually SATA like the H150i). You also may not want it connected to OPT. OPT is the mirror of the CPU fan header. It does whatever CPU fan does. In this case, CPU fan does nothing and so will all the fans connected to it. You probably want this on a CHA fan header for better control options. The W_Pump or AIO pump headers can work. If there is a pressing need, you could put the powered splitter connector on CPU fan and move the H150i connector elsewhere. However, that will tie all your case fans to CPU temperature on a short trigger. All fans connected will race up and down.
I have the module controller connected with a SATA power cable, separate from the cable the Corsair water pump unit.

I have moved the PWM connector to a CHA_FAN unit, and the LED/RGB to an ADD_HEADER. However, no reaction, except I few seconds Led light on the fans, then disappeared. The fans are not spinning. There is an LED button on the ATX case to control the LEDs and sequence but not responding.

At present, the ATX is not enclosed, maybe this a reason for the fans not spinning as not required???

I have contacted someone who has a similar ATX case and asked him for details. Thank you.
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