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Originally Posted by Ram-G-maN View Post
I'm running a 3950X with Corsair Hydro X setup as well. I can tell you that these temperatures are perfectly normal. I gave up the manual undervolting and manual overclocking of the 3950X because it seems that I'm unable to improve the scores in benchmarks.

I'm currently running everything in auto, the core voltage hits 1.4V in idle and the temperature readout in iCUE is 56C with random spikes to 61C. I get a stock core clock in 4.25GHz in windows 10, all I did was selecting AMD Ryzen High Performance power plan in Windows Power Plan (Advanced Settings) But it runs stable.

To give you more context; my RADEON VII idles at 37C. This was unthinkable on air, although I was unable to cool my GPU with a block from Corsair. I settled for a EK Vector waterblock and it works perfectly fine in my Hydro X setup.
I can see exactly what you're saying. I'm idling at 48c at the moment, with spikes at 55c. Just sitting in desktop with Hydro X fan curves. This temp is based on iCue. If I shut down Logitech GHub I drop to 42c idle with spikes at 49c.

Based off everything I read. This seems normal.

I am running a per CCD overclock of 4.375/4.375/4.25/4.25 @ 1.25v. This plays a big role as well. I have come to terms with my setup. And am very happy with it. I know I can push the cores higher. With higher voltage. But it's just not necessary. Highest I pushed was 10,512 in CB20. @ 1.3v with higher clocks.

Cheers all.. happy quarantining!!
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