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Default In game testing

At the moment I have the CPU running in this setup to get the most out of gaming. I'll also list the avg and max temps with the tests. I chose Path of Exile for these tests, as that's currently a game I'm playing a lot of and its horribly optimized.

All tests and gaming is with SMT off. And PBO off. Manual OC of 4.4ghz all cores. 16 cores/16 threads. RAM at 3400mhz 1:1 with FCLK. (RAM is Corsair Dominator Platinum 3600mhz CL18) cannot achieve this clock speed no matter what I try. Power mode is set to AMD Ryzen High Performance.

All modes were tested with default Hydro X fan curves. I'm sure if I set more aggressive fan curves, the temps would be a bit lower. Using Corsair LL140 fans on the 420 front Rad for intake. LL120 fans on the top 360 rad for exhaust. Exhaust fan in the back is a LL140.

Avg fan speed 1100rpm
Avg pump speed 2100rpm

Pump -> GPU -> 360 top rad -> CPU -> 420 front rad -> pump return.

Ambient Temp - 23.7c

Running at 38402160
Vsync on
At full max graphics

The FPS is about the same for all the different tests, I took readings in different places.

Standing in Hideout - 80fps avg - 113fps max
Average CPU usage is around 25%
3950x @ 4.4ghz - 1.350v - 68c avg - 75c max
3950x @ 4.4ghz - 1.325v - 65c avg - 74c max
3950x @ 4.4ghz - 1.300v - 60c avg - 70c max
3950x @ 4.4ghz - 1.275v - 58c avg - 68c max
3950x @ 4.4ghz - 1.250v - 55c avg - 65c max

Intense Map run with lots of effects - 68fps avg - 90fps max
Average CPU usage around 32%
3950x @ 4.4ghz - 1.350v - 68c avg - 75c max
3950x @ 4.4ghz - 1.325v - 66c avg - 75c max
3950x @ 4.4ghz - 1.300v - 61c avg - 70c max
3950x @ 4.4ghz - 1.275v - UNSTABLE CRASHED
3950x @ 4.4ghz - 1.250v - UNSTABLE CRASHED

The GPU during any place in the game is always hovering at around 55c and 97% usage.

The Coolant temp in game is stable at around 40.75c.

Maybe it's just me.. but I feel like it's still warm for the game. But I believe what u say that these chips just run hot.

What do u think?
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