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Lightbulb 3950x with full Hydro X giving me Weird Temps

So as the title says. I've been reading and trying, all kinds of different discussion boards and other options to get these temps lower. I'm at a point where either I accept the current temps and situation and live with it until I upgrade or find a solution. If these are good temps. Please Please put my mind at ease.

I have the entire Hydro X custom loop. My loop order and findings:

Pump -> GPU -> 360 Rad -> CPU -> 420 Rad -> return

BIOS set to full Stock / Ambient temp - 22.3c

Hydro X fan and pump curve
Idle (5 min)
4% usage
Temp - 45c to 65c (HWMonitor)
Temp - 45c to 48c (Ryzen Master)
4.275ghz avg @ 1.4v - 1.45v
4.475ghz peak on core 0 and core 2
GPU temp - 35c
Coolant temp - 35c

100% Fans / 3100RPM pump
Idle (5 min)
4% usage
Temp - 44c - 63c (HWMonitor)
Temp - 44c - 45c (Ryzen Master)
4.275ghz avg @ 1.4v - 1.45v
4.475ghz peak on core 7
GPU temp - 32c
Coolant temp - 32c

Cinebench R20 runs

Cinebench R20 - 300sec
Hydro X Fan and pump Curve
CPU - 71c avg / 80c max
3.925ghz @ 1.100v to 1.131v
4.250ghz peak on cores 2, 7, 9, 10, 11
Coolant temp - 39c at ending
CB20 - 8537 - NO XMP
CB20 - 8727 - XMP Enabled @ 3400mhz

Cinebench R20 - 300sec
100% Fans / 3100RPM pump
CPU - 66c avg / 75c max
4.000ghz @ 1.116v to 1.144v
4.275ghz peak on all cores
Coolant Temp - 33.88c at ending
CB20 - 8603 - NO XMP
CB20 - 8782 - XMP Enabled @ 3400mhz

Red Dead Redemption 2 Benchmark Load

Hydro X Fan and pump Curve
CPU - 68c avg / 75c max
GPU - 54c avg / 56c max
Coolant temp - 40.5c avg

Fans 100% / 3100RPM pump
CPU - 64c avg / 73c max
GPU - 51c avg / 55c max
Coolant temp - 36c avg

This system was built for Gaming. I got the 3950x and not the 9900KS due to the possibility of future streaming, video encoding and all the other fun stuff. It feels like the gaming temps are high. Am I crazy? Or just expect lower temps due to the custom loop? Need guidance.

I havent even overclocked a single thing yet.
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