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You have an SP120 lighting kit. It will work in this fashion, but not with the software. The thumb remote is the control. **Or perhaps it won't. I just noticed the remote is an HD fan controller. Are you sure you have SP-RGB fans and not HD? Both have remotes and were the first RGB fans offered, but I do not think they are cross compatible.

The missing piece is the software interface. That is a Lighting Node Pro (LNP) or Commander Pro (fan controller + LNP). You can buy the LNP separately, with a 4 LED strip pack, or it comes free in certain fan multi-packs. So if you want software control, the next step likely depends on your plan. If you never wanted the SP-Fans and had your heart set on something else, the ML/QL/LL triple packs will have all you need. If you are trying to make a go with this, you will need a Lighting Node Pro to get software control.
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