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Originally Posted by DevBiker View Post
No, it'll have the output connector; it just doesn't come with the cable. The PCIe and EPS/CPU cables both use the same connection on the PSU side of things.
Thanks for answer and this is great...Well I read the specs and its written as there is 1 eps connector there so i thought we can not use pci-e outputs for cpu eps cable.... So you mean this is written in specs sheet to explain how many cables it has for each output right?

I am not good at PSU things so i was afraid to try to buy a new cable and try on pci-e output..

Edit: On the PSU, i see 3 outputs for CPU and PCI-E. Since i have Gtx1080 ti uses 2 and cpu uses 1 of them, I still need 1 more EPC connector for x570-e right?

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