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Originally Posted by AJBeard View Post
I think you're right on the toggle, but the problem with it would be that if you used the mute button to mute it, and then the volume rocker to unmute it, the button would still show muted.

I clear them as well now, but initially it would sometimes take the colour and others not. It's also a shame that you can't keep the same functionality on those buttons (brightness stepping down and windows toggle) while having an effect applied to it.

I think there's a hell of a lot of refining left to do on the software, but I don't think it's as terrible as people are making out. It's not AC:Unity level of bad, but it's no smooth ride either. I'm looking forward to getting the full colour range availability, as well as the game-reactive functionality in the future.
oh yeah true. Oh well.

Yeah you're right, it is very capable but it feels a lot like playing minecraft, where people make Kb computers using primitive stuff like pistons and what not to achieve something cool, but it's fiddly. Not sure if that's a good metaphor but for example when making pixel art that goes down the keyboard or across you have to make a gradient lighting effect or solid for each key and then put in all the different colours in that one lighting effect as tabs and time it so that it lines up, it's just annoying, and making a wave black at the start so as to delay the beginning, it's like you have to kind of trick it, but oh well. Hopefully we see nice updates, imagine a reactive health bar on your function keys that's linked to the game or keys that go from lit to dim according to the cooldown time.


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