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Hi all, no respones - but a lot of views, so i take that some people either are curious what is wrong with the Vengenace 1500v2.

I recently RMA'ed my second pair and got a third pair. Issue is (obviously) still here, but for some unknown reason - it is not as audible. The model-number is the same, so i assume that the production of the headset is done somewhat inconsistent.

I am saddend by the fact that Corsair don't endorse their brand and work with us fans to help eliminate bad products and bad PR. Corsair has always stand for good quality and trustable brand. I'd love for Corsair to email me and ask for what sort of issue or whatever i had. I'd help buid their brand and products from a customers POV, FREE OF CHARGE! What firms pay millions of USD to study, i'd gladly volunteer to do for free. So please - Corsair - feel more than free to email me!

I will be returning my third Corsair Vengeance 1500v2 on monday, meaning third RMA on the same product - where my national law forces the seller to give me a full refund. Sad, yet necessary at this point.
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