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Originally Posted by Victoss View Post
Um, isn't this exactly what "mode selection/switching while pressed" was made for?

Here's an example of it: Star Citizen Profile

Unfortunately now that you've made me go back at look at the profile it doesn't seem to work with the newest update. The mode only flashes for a second while Alt is held down and then goes back to the default mode.

Edit - I feel like this has to do with the second mode forgetting the key is pressed so the "while pressed" prerequisite for the first mode is no longer valid and kicks you back to mode 1 like it thinks it should.
This is a good workaround where pressing CTRL brings up a mode. As a feature though, we don't have it built in (and would require a huge fundamental overhaul to implement).

As for the bug, it has been reported and resolved for the next update. We didn't want to delay this release to incorporate it for testing.