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Important Necessary tutorial to achieve multikey functional bindings!

This tutorial shows in CUE 1 how to both have a key perform its first function and do a second action of profile switching.

The picture says it all, doesn't it. Here's the breakdown.
As this is about typing AND switching profiles, you need two profiles. :
In the initial profile, create an action to do a direct profile switch to the second profile.
In the initial profile, create a text action to keep the initial key sending its text. In this picture, I use the letter C.
Now, the text action has ADVANCED abilities; you can select a second action. Choose your previously-defined profile switch action.

Now you can use this technique for lots of things, such as programming a reverse-ripple. For each key in each profile, switch to a profile corresponding to each key (e.g. create a profile "C" for pressing C, a profile "D" for pressing D, etc.) Now set up the lighting in profile C to show concentric rings of light coming from outside in toward the letter C. Now bind the letter C in each profile to act both as C and switch to profile "C".

Okay, okay! I hear what you are saying; this is TEDIOUS AS HECK. Well, yeah, what do you expect, when you have to make custom lighting showing different centers for each inbound circle going to each separate key? At least, you do not have to edit the file by hand anymore! And maybe you want to reserve this technique just for a couple keys, or maybe you do want to go whole hog and use it everywhere--your imagination (and typing stamina) is your only limitation. Native support in CUE; that's what you want and that's what you got.

This technique is useful for all those times you wanted to type one key and have lighting go on some other keys. Just put the lighting on the switched-to profile. Like, you want to press the A key and have your keypad light up? No problem!

P.S. Managing the metric ton of profiles when you use this for every key... will be easier, once CUE has an update... soon....

P.P.S. Hey, krazykid -- you can define all the keys on your keyboard to do both original function AND switch profiles, and you have defined enough profiles already for every key. Define the key maps and profile switches and anybody coming by to use your keyboard or see it used will TRULY be mind-blown!
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