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Originally Posted by daniou View Post
So you claim that USB 3.0 standard has so many possible configurations that it is simply not possible to test it? Standard has that feature, that is independend from manufacturer. In general you have some good points, but what you wrote, sounds to me like...

"oh there are so many electrical sockets in the market, so that it is impossible to test all possibilities, how should they know, what voltage is in there".... doh

I still dare to claim that this piece of.... software they call FW is not tested properly.

And even more funny. As much as I would agree with you in any other case.
here, it is keyboard, which go bonkers on USB 3.0. Connecting another Corsair peripheral, makes both of them die. I am not connecting anything from competition. Nothing "unbranded". I am connecting another thing from Corsair, it even uses the same software.... And you say that there is some strange configuration, that could have not been tested. Ehh

And assuming you are right. Let's say we are not beta testers. Why we can not roll back FW? Please I am very curious, why I can not go back to latest working FW?
Wow, way to go. You twist any reply to suit your needs. I guess that being a developer myself I understand where they come from, and I am more used to these kind of "configuration issues"

While USB specifics are "standard", manufacturers unfortunately implement them the way they want (most times). Sometimes a USB 2.0 port provides way more power than what the specifics state and I've seen people that said using only 1 USB 2.0 port was okay, using 2 ports crashed the keyboard. In their case with 2 ports plugged the keyboard was getting too much power because the ports were providing way over the specifics limit.

Corsair needs to tweaks the FW for those cases too, there have been many other cases of similar issues (like the long boot one) which depend on the motherboard or chipset used (asmedia usb controllers tend to be worse for example). In an ideal world everyone would implement everything properly following the specifics, we do not live in such a nice world unfortunately.

Regarding your "both of them die" issue: on my (old) motherboard I have the same issue. I still have a couple of USB 2.0 ports I can use but if I ever try to plug anything in them (be it a Corsair product or not) everything stops working properly. This happens because unfortunately my motherboard has a limit on the bandwidth for those ports, and being quite old (6+ years) that's even worse compared to newer motherboards with more bandwidth, PCIE lanes and everything else involved.

Regarding the older FW, I have seen many peoples say they asked (nicely) for it in a ticket and they were provided the file for a previous FW version. Of course I'm not talking about the newest 2.04 FW but it happened in the past too with other versions/devices, for example with that FW 2.01 update for the Scimitar that didn't work on the P58 chipset. That update made the mouse not be recognized by those specific motherboards for the first 5-6 minutes. They later fixed it with a new version, but it takes time to research and implement such changes. That's all I'm saying
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