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Originally Posted by terabyte View Post
You just twisted his whole post.

Of course they test things before releasing them, but there are so many possible hardware configurations for a computer nowadays that it is impossible to test them all. When an issue arises (like this one) providing the system specs can help them reproduce the issue, and if they can reproduce they can track it down much faster and better.
So you claim that USB 3.0 standard has so many possible configurations that it is simply not possible to test it? Standard has that feature, that is independend from manufacturer. In general you have some good points, but what you wrote, sounds to me like...

"oh there are so many electrical sockets in the market, so that it is impossible to test all possibilities, how should they know, what voltage is in there".... doh

I still dare to claim that this piece of.... software they call FW is not tested properly.

And even more funny. As much as I would agree with you in any other case.
here, it is keyboard, which go bonkers on USB 3.0. Connecting another Corsair peripheral, makes both of them die. I am not connecting anything from competition. Nothing "unbranded". I am connecting another thing from Corsair, it even uses the same software.... And you say that there is some strange configuration, that could have not been tested. Ehh

And assuming you are right. Let's say we are not beta testers. Why we can not roll back FW? Please I am very curious, why I can not go back to latest working FW?

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