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Originally Posted by daniou View Post
Are you aware, that in those words, you just confirmed, that us customers, who spent their hard earned money, are no more than beta testers for you?
As I read, what you wrote:
"we release something, not even bothering to test it. You naive people install it, because we tell you so, by nagging you all the time. Then you are asked to describe every single detail of malfunction, log etc. so that we have database. Free of charge. Even better you dear customer, paid to be our beta tester. At the end we tell you, that it is for your own good."
You are actually pushing your job onto us, customers. You have some nerve mister, to write it right into our faces...
You just twisted his whole post.

Of course they test things before releasing them, but there are so many possible hardware configurations for a computer nowadays that it is impossible to test them all. When an issue arises (like this one) providing the system specs can help them reproduce the issue, and if they can reproduce they can track it down much faster and better.
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