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Originally Posted by red-ray View Post
Have you disabled fan control for the CPU_FAN header in the BIOS? Given the pump speed of 1200 then I suspect not and you need to.

Yes, The H100iV2 only has one fan controller so can only report one speed. Both fans should be running at the same speed.
I will have to check when I get home as I am not completely sure. When I was originally building the computer it wouldn't boot up because it was detecting "low fan speed" from the CPU_FAN. I played around with the BIOS and disabled something to get the computer to boot up, but I forget what.

Just to confirm so I can check when I get home. Where in the Asus BIOS can I disable the CPU_FAN header fan control? I'm not exactly confident touching stuff in the BIOS in fear of causing a nuclear meltdown of my precious new computer.

Edit: Just remembered that I think I still have Q-Fan enabled as we "ignored" the lower fan speed limit to get past the start up error. So I should be disabling Q-Fan altogether?

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