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I had the same problem yesterday.

-Headset was fully charged.
-Used it 3 hours.
-Deactivated it while WMP was still playing musik.
-20 mins later (still deactivated- WMP still playing musik) i added the USB cable
to charge it I used an USB 3.0 Port (never saw someone mentioning their USB port).
-again 20 Mins later i opened google chrome with an flash video. (WMP and Chrome are playing sound)
-I activated the Headset and got no sound (Headset still connected with USB charge cable) - wondering why all leds are glowing.

I don't know when the glowing started.
After draining (which is damaging the battery) it works again.

Is it possible that the Headset crashes because the USB3 Port could give more power?

Windows 8 Pro 64bit.
Corsair software version 2.0.7
Corsair Audiodriver version

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