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I was a bit too obscure I'll try again...

A youtuber lives close by and from published build videos I can see the PSU that is causing the issue. If I get too specific I'll give away that persons address as I have an online SDR radio which does give some location info.

Ideally what I'm after is someone to listen to my online radio at a time when the issue is on and say if they think the level of noise is likely to be from a PSU in working condition or one that has blown it's filtering or otherwise faulty. There is also noise graphs from my radios online but again that link would give away location.

The scale of the noise is from about 5db at 4MHz to over 20db up at 24MHz.
I've spend many months and quite a bit of money reducing the noise pickup but everything has a limit when the device is like an arc welder.

I have contacted the regulatory authority in the UK but as I'm not curently doing two two way radio comms they won't help. I will do that if needed but I was just trying to save going the regulatory route for what is probably a faulty device.

As this person's channel is very pro Corsair (sponsored maybe) I chose to mention it on here, if the device was swapped out or bought into compliance the issue goes away.
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