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Originally Posted by Yuno112 View Post
Hello, I ordered the Corsair H150i Pro and I can't get it to show up anywhere i have tested it on corsair link and Icue and nothing. The device manager also doesn't have that USBxp thing in there either. I also used a micro usb and plugged the usb into the 2.0 headers in the back of pc and nothing. when I have the 3 pin pump on the cpu header I get no cpu fan detected in the bios. So what I did was change the cpu header fan with a different normal fan and the 3pin pump on a pump header on my motherboard and still doesn't detect the pump. the aio also only has 1 or 2 fans spinning which are connected to its 3 fan splitter. Another issue is that the light on the pump logo is very low or dim. I have the micro usb connected to the pump and the 2.0 pin on the 2.0 header on the motherboard. The aio is powered by a sata cable and I have tried all of my sata cables on it. I feel like it's a power issue since it is the 2nd one. I sent back a new one the same day I got it because I thought it was bad but now I am still getting the same problem after getting another new one. The temp on my cpu on idle is around the 20s to 30s and gaming 40's to 50s in celsius. Any help and suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
It does sound like a power issue but it's odd that 2 different coolers would have the exact same problem.

What PSU are you using? Is it modular and are you only using cables that came with it?
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