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Originally Posted by Reapexx View Post
That's because when UAC activates, the active window is the UAC prompt.

I'd just turn off UAC unless you need to keep it on for security reasons.

That would make sense if a profile was linked to UAC, but it is not. The default profile should stay active unless a application linked to a profile is active at which point it should switch the the configured profile for that application. The only other time it should switch from the default profile is when you lock the machine, which causes it to use the hardware saved profile.

I did not see this behavior in the previous version of CUE either. Switching to another profile that is not linked to anything and is not the default or the hardware profile is just strange. UAC always causes it to switch to whichever profile is listed first in the CUE software. If I remove the profile that is first, then UAC causes the now new first profile to be used.

Decreasing security by disabling UAC is not a solution.