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Default H80i Problem

Hi, i started to have high temps with my h80i last year so i got it to the service of the shop that i had bought it to test it.
They had said that they tested and found it fine.
As i had allready placed an air cooler in my pc that i use for my work, i left it in the box.
Yesterday, after 1 year, i decided to put it into the pc but unfortunatelly i can not make it work.

(My experience in building pc is above medium.
I am 44 y.o and i work with pc's from 1996)

I reinstalled it almost 15 times. With washers, without washers, diferent orientation, in the case, outside the case, cleared cmos, etc.

Sometimes the led was white and then green.
Sometimes the led was blinking white and blue.

The temp was going soon to 100c and the pc shut off. (in idle and even monitoring inside the bios temp)

Sometimes a noise was coming i think from the pump or the rad like a rattling snake.

One of the rubber tube was extremely hot and the other normal.

I allready package it to take it once more to the service of the shop and i hope this time not to turn me crazy that the cooler is working fine.

But i would like to ask if there is any solution before i take it back?
Something that i missed? Or is a faulty unit?

Thank you

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