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Originally Posted by jguerrea View Post

I have my K70 on my MAC using

I have the following problems

No way to get the "." of the num keyboard to be a "." i get commas instead .

second issue from today

to do CTRL + C and copy I have to use the windows Key ..
not the keyboard CTRL

it was working fine until today

Many thanks, I use my mac as a desktop PC and such issues are just so crazy when you work on Excel that I'm thinking goign back to PC

many Thanks in advance
for the "." issue: You can easily change any key of your Keyboard by biding it to another function.

Just open ckb, select your device and desired profile, click on the "." key on the software, go to the biding tab and from there choose the one you want (it should be on the Typing menu).

About the ctrl issue: since you're using mac, your OS just interprets the keys as a mac keyboard. Meaning that copying and pasting is command + c / command + v, which translated to a windows keyboard becomes 'win + c / win + v'

The immediate solution is to remap the super key to the ctrl key. But I don't really recommend that: it will kind of mix all of the other shortcuts of the system. My recommendation is to really get used to it (it really isn't that hard, I made it xD). But if you are truly desperate, just map a new shortcut for this action and you're set (it will still possibly crash other shortcuts. Ctrl+C stops a terminal process, I don't know how it would work if you remap it).
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