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Originally Posted by DevBiker View Post
Here's a thought for you:
Why not go with the H115i PRO? Better stock fans, better RGB ... and it comes with the screws push/pull mounting. It's also SATA powered so you can connect all of the fans directly to the cooler (with splitters) AND you have independent control over each fan line (so LL's as Fan 1 and stock ML's as Fan 2)?
That will leave you with 4 fans to connect to the motherboard. Which header you connect them to is up to you; more important is the temperature that you use for the fan curve. CPU temperature isn't directly relevant; internal ambient temperature IS relevant. That motherboard does have a connector for a temperature probe or you can try out one of the motherboard sensors (hard to tell which one is which tho).
too late for me, cause i already own that.

i just don't know where to connect the fans to mb connectors ? cha_fan? cpu_fan? cpu_opt? aio_pump? ext_fan? is there a differences ?
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