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Originally Posted by Corsair Notepad View Post
We wouldn't suggest powering anything with the PSU that wasn't designed to be powered by one. If you cause damage to the device or the PSU by using it outside of its intended use you would not be covered by the warranty.
So you are telling me it's not suitable to drive a PC led strip that is just outside the case instead of inside the case?
Sorry but I find that answer really annoying. All it's done is to sidetrack my thread and probably killed it now. I am not concerned about the warranty and I don't want to wander off in to a debate about suitability. All I wanted to know is if the 12V outputs on a Corsair PSU are protected or not. I mean why couldn't you just answer the question?
Whatever, I will fit a fuse. I mean I have four PC's and this is an unimportant one. I wouldn't even bother to return the PSU if it failed.
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