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Originally Posted by mhcvel View Post
Just registered to say thay I have the same problem as you.

After using AMD for years I tried to made some changes, so went all the way over Intel 7th generation.

Bought same processor as you, i7 7700k, Asus Rog Strix z270e as a Motherboard and that Corsair H100i v2, after put everything in place I turn it ON and got that problem, and what fixed that ? looks like I had to connect those two fans included in h100i v2 to the mobo (CPU_FAN OPT Header) and the AIO Pump cable to the AIO_Pump header and after that I reached the BIOS screen, the problem was the high temperature still and the CPU hit over 90+ degrees in five minutes, and I dont know what to do either. So I just shutoff the PC because I didnt want to burn that CPU (maybe its too late). Only thing I know is that the Motherboard just died...
I am not sure you and the original poster have the same problem. There is a good chance the first user's pump has expired. It would be unusual for you to experience the same thing right out of the box. You can connect the pump to one header and the fans to CPU_FAN & OPT as you have done. This will place the motherboard in control of the fans. Make sure the Pump_Header is set in the BIOS to deliver a 100%/PWM 12v signal to the cooler. This can be done in Q-Fan box on the main page or by disabling the control in the Advanced BIOS monitoring section. It should be set this way by default on the pump header, but I am not using the board and can't be sure.

The unit was designed to be run with the pump connected to CPU Fan and the radiator fans plugged into the pump leads. In this scenario, the fans change speed based on coolant temperature, a better control variable than CPU temperature, and can be further tweaked by using the Corsair Link software. Whether you use the software or not, you must then set the CPU_Fan header to run at 100%/PWM/12v (or disabled) just like the pump header. The pump may not start or run at the proper speed without the 12v signal.

Unfortunately, if you also are having additional motherboard problems, that may complicate your installation.
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