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Originally Posted by Zone55555 View Post
Re: 1000D and mounting in the ITX location: I have chosen not to do so for airflow purposes, as my Aorus RTX 2080 is still fan-cooled (and Corsair apparently isn't going to make a waterblock for it), and the ITX location would have completely smothered it against the glass door.

If Corsair ever change their mind and offer a version of the XG7 that'll fit, I decide to go with the other big name who does make a block for it, or I upgrade to a 2080TI that's water-blockable and avoid the whole problem, at that time I might reconsider since airflow would no longer be the concern it currently is.

Also keep in mind you'll need a particularly long PCIE extender to reach that far. A typical 30cm PCIE extender only just *barely* reaches the provided 1000D vertical adapter, and that was a little hairy. You'd want probably at bare minimum a 45cm/450mm cable, and don't take my word for it that's enough. Also think about the fact the PCIE extender is naturally gonna lay right across those other "unused" PCIE slots, so one way or the other you're losing the use of them if you cable from the typical 1st PCIE slot, nearest the CPU to get full 16x.

I suppose you could do some cable-bending wizardry with a super-long extender to save on that, but that makes me queasy. These PCIE extenders are pretty stiff and I can't imagine signal integrity wouldn't be impacted by too much folding and bending to route it in funky ways.
will run Riser cable from The Rampage VI extreme Third Slot down with is 16x which should give me enough length
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