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Will 4x8@4000 run in the future? Probably. How long that will take is another matter. When I first got X99, 4x8 above 2666 was a struggle. It really wasn't until the second year anything above that was plug and play. Those last one or two rungs at the published board limit for frequency can be challenging for a longer duration. It certainly won't be next month for easy drop in and done.

However, there is another way to look at this. You doubled your RAM capacity with only a drop from 4000 to 3733. That is not the worst trade, if you need or want the capacity. I cannot imagine any real world performance differences at those speeds, but you are also one of the few people who can swap the two kits back and forth and compare read/write/copy/latency. I use 10-11 of 16GB of RAM on X99 on a regular basis. I would also like to move up to 32GB and I am more likely to run into a capacity limitation before I run into a speed limitation.

Incidentally, I am curious what kind of read/writes you get with 4000. I am going to put the new board in shortly, but will start with my 4x4 kit @3200 until I figure out which of those two variables is the more pressing.
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