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Default Question on GPU temp vs. GPU cooler temp

Corsair One Pro...with m.2 SSD and 1080 TI

Just got finished playing Doom for about an hour or so...CPU temps went as high as 77, but MAX CPU load was only 76% during this period...

My SSD went as high as 60...not too worried about that...m.2s run hotter

GPU max temp was 60...not worried about that


CORSAIR ONE GPU COOLER temp registered a high of 123.2!!!!

What does THAT mean? That sounds WICKED high...but GPU temp itself never got above 60...

Should I be worried? Or does that mean it's simply doing its job and absorbing and carrying away the heat, allowing the GPU to remain at 60 or below?

At idle, GPU temp and GPU COOLER temp are always within 1 degree of each other.

Ambient temp in the room I was playing was around 20-22

Thanks for any guidance on the above...
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