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Default Corsair Vengeance 1500 V2 - Most useless headset in modern times?

I just upgraded my entire PC to the absolute maximum of what i thought was fair. Everything, with the exception of ram (I just added more) was exchanged to something new - so I dare to say i have a pretty crazy PC.
Now, looking for a headset there was a few i looked at, but I ended up picking the Corsair Vengeance 1500 V2, because i never had a bad experience with anything from Corsair.

Boy, did I get to try that...This headset has the most unbearable whining - which basically makes ANY application that takes control of the microphone (pretty much any game) useless with this headset. And what is the point of a gamer headset, if it can't be used for gaming? I made an RMA, thought i was getting my money back, but ended up getting a new pair - and lo & behold, same exact whine.

So what did I learn?
  1. The forums are flooded with people with this complain, so Corsair themselves obviously don't really care.
  2. During the product development, this issue MUST have been present (it's that big an issue), so someone at QA thought "F*** it, we'll ship a half-hearty nonsense headset, because of reasons..!"
  3. The issue is not just on one model, or the first one (V1), these people activly thought nobody would care that the headset was totally crap from day one. I am dissapointed to a new level, Corsair. I don't see how I can ever buy things from you with good concious, let alone let anyone of my many gamer friends do so.
  4. The drivers are hardly any help, it seems to just switch the frenquency of this issue, but not clear it. Making it pretty freaking obvious that the issue is due to cheap non-tested hardware, that is trying to be covered up with trampstamp'ed (the new horrible logo) software.
I will RMA my second Corsair Vengenace 1500 V2, later today.

Shame and pity, Corsair - you guys should know better.

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