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Originally Posted by TheFuriousFish View Post
I have a question for the LL fan owners out there before I buy myself some. I've looked through the product information on the Corsair webpage and watched a video on the fans but I haven't been able to tell if 3 specific effects I'm looking for are possible.

1. I'd like to be able to have the outer loop do the Arc effect while the inner lights remain off. (I think this is possible by setting the inner color to black, could someone confirm this?)

2. I want to have the outer loop breathe while the inner loop remains off, and

3. I want to have the outer loop stay solid while the inner is off.

So really what I'm asking is can the loops (or individual lights?) be controlled individually? One last request is I'd like to see what the fans look like when doing one of the second two options to see how much light bleed there is from the outer loop to the fan blades. A picture would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance
1. yep can do that dude,.

2. the only effects where you can control inner and outer rings independently is Arc and Pong ATM

3. See 2.. :)

hope this helps bud

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