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I have one other question. All the reviews of the Corsair One I've read states it only has two fans. The top, main fan, and the fan on the 1080 TI card...yet LINK displays three distinct fan RPMs...

Where is the third fan?

The fan listed under the motherboard temps on LINK, I assume, is the top, main fan? Then there is a fan listed under the 1080TI on LINK, and there is another fan listed under the GPU cooler section.

The one listed under the motherboard section is currently blowing at 4,000+ rpms, which sounds HIGH, especially for a big fan like

The 1080TI fan is going at around 1000 rpm and the one listed under the cooler is around 400rpm.

These numbers were observed at around a 6-10% CPU load.

Do these numbers sound right? And is there a third fan? Must be, since I'm getting three distinct RPM readouts...
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