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Default CUE Latest Update Broke Macros (Using K95 RGB)

I have macros ties to the G-keys, some simple and some multi-key. For example:
G16= 0 (numberpad)
G18= . (numberpad)
G10= ctrl+shift+F9
G11= F9
G12= ctrl+F9
G8= ctrl+D
G2= Launch Calculator

The only one working here is the Calculator macro, everything is unresponsive. Before you suggest the flurry of troubleshooting steps: I've tried them all. Uninstalled everything completely each time, firmware, software and Windows keyboard drivers. Also thought maybe having two USBS plugged in instead of just the 3.0 one would help, but it didn't. The only thing that fixes it is reverting back to 1.8.120. My friend has the same keyboard, totally different computer and setup, but same issue since the latest update.

Has anyone else been experiencing this?