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Let's pull those beautiful EK pump tops out the box, and the EK cover kits......

As with most EK products...the pump tops (including pump) are packaged in a first rate fashion. Not sure why the cover kits don't have the same treatment yet. Maybe too new? Or since it's such a small dollar item maybe they don't worry as much about packaging.

The pump top has a perfectly sized red box that slides out of the cover. Very similar to the orange boxes for the waterblocks that match the orange sleeve. Love how EK does this.....

The red box opens up to reveal components surrounded in foam protection and inside a plastic bag. As typical, the box is the perfect size for the included items. No less. Very nice again. *cough*payattentionaquacomputer*cough*.

These kits are the pumps and pump tops. I chose these because I really wanted a "clean" version of the acrylic pump top, and the only way they are currently offered was as part of the kit that includes the pumps. My guess is that will change eventually....because these pump tops are beautiful. It comes with all the tools you need for installation.

The pump cover kits have the same great foam protection inside a perfectly shaped box. No waste of space in most EK packaging.

Installation of the pump cover kits is pretty straightforward. First you separate the pump top into two pieces by removing the 8 screws....

Then you replace the standard pump top backing (acrylic in my original pump top kit) with the pump top backing from the pump cover kit (black in my kit). The one from the pump cover kit must be used as the diameter of the hole for the pump cutout is too small to let the pump cover through on the original one.

Screw it back together and ....viola!

The back of the cover kit is purposely missing the EK badge....

One of the aluminum EK badges comes in the kit, and you can put it on whichever direction you want.....

So....if you wanted to rotate the back cover so that the wires come out the left...or the right....or bottom....or whatever you can still make the EK badge line up in the correct direction. Whatever direction you want it read. Nice touch.

Let's take a lap around this beautiful pump top. Similar to the "clean" version of the Supremacy block I showed'll notice that the top of the pump top is much clearer than the sides....which have a frosted look. My plan will be to polish this bad boy up so that everything is clear as glass......

Couple of LED holes on this right side of the block.....

I find these pump tops beautiful. Imagine them inside the black part of my case, with a soft glow of LED's illuminating the inside of the block and the engraving....and some gorgeous pink coolant circulating. Mmmmmmm. The only thing better looking than one of these pump tops.....

.....are two of these pump tops. :)

I find them so attractive that I'm going to find some prime real estate in the case, right by a window, for installation. I'm even going to try and stack them vertically so that there is this enormous surface area of beautiful clear illuminated pump tops....with pretty pink coolant pulsing through. precious........

They receive the official Pink Panther seal of approval. He thinks they're purrrrrrrfect. Whatever that's worth.

If you're already familiar with Bitspower pump tops, these next pictures will help you get a good feeling for how BIG these pump tops are. The EK one is an 80mm square, while the Bitspower one is a 60mm square. That means there is about 75% more surface area on the Bitspower pump top. In the pictures below, I've lined up the left edge of the EK pump top, with the left edge of the Bitspower pump top in the BBBB. You can see how much longer the EK version sticks out on the right side.

If you have the space for it, it's beautiful. But it does take up considerably more space.

When comparing these to the Bitspower pump tops and mod kits.....I would say that the Bitspower mod kit definitely has a lot more "bling" to it, while the EK mod kit has more of an simple, elegant and refined look. They both are great it really just depends on your preference or the aesthetics you are going for in your build.

The installation is also very different. Bitspower relies on threads on the pump top to screw the mod kit on to it. EK secures the mod kit with a series of screws. The Bitspower installation method is quicker and easier....but I think I prefer the EK screws. I feel rock solid about the seal I'm getting with the screws. It seems like sometimes the Bitspower mod kits loosen up a little on me after installation, and need to be tightened again. I also get hesitant about possibly stripping the threads on the Bitspower version if I tighten up toooooo much. Bitspower is definitely available in a much larger variety of finishes it may be easier to match your build colors with a Bitspower top. And as mentioned earlier....the EK pump tops are much larger and take up more space. If you have the space and want to show them If you are short on space....definitely consider whether you have the room.

And since I was in the BBBB taking the pump is a shot of the inside in the location in my office where she currently resides. She has been humming along perfectly for several months now. I'm starting to give up on getting a GTX790 not sure what the next upgrade here will be. Pretty sure I DON"T want to drop in two Titan Z's at $3,000 a piece.

Why is it you never notice the dust in your system until after you've taken a picture?
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