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Thanks. I'm still trying to figure out these mysterious G-keys...there doesn't seem to be any special response to them. I really hope this isn't going to require a custom kernel driver.
EDIT: Scratch that, I just figured it out!

Originally Posted by CalcProgrammer1 View Post
Nice work! I like the daemon idea. Can you write LED patterns directly to the dev node? If so, programs like my music visualizer could write to that rather than handling the USB connection directly.
Yep! You can see this in action in the animation demo - it basically just builds up a string of key/color combinations and sends that to the device. You should be able to implement the visualizer in the same way.

Originally Posted by Corsair James View Post
This is impressive - how long did it take you to create this driver?
Couple of days. I got the keyboard in on Friday and started working on it once I realized it didn't work on Linux. Having the LED messages already decoded was a big help.

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