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Originally Posted by pf2112 View Post
For people that max out the cores (i.e. render servers), windows starts thrashing moving the thread around when it doesn't need to (this is creating a lot of thread thrashing ... almost 50% overhead). This is only occuring on the 2990 (32 cores), 16 core this isn't happening - people were thinking there was a ram issue with the 2990 but it's purely a os issue which doesn't happen linux.[/url]
Good post, but just to expand on it for the 2970wx, though the 2970wx was not tested, it is NUMA like the 2990wx and I wonder if it is likely to have the problem. That is unless the problem is in the number of cores and threads (24/48 for the 2970wx versus 32/64 for the 2990wx) and not the NUMA architecture. Anyone have any experience with the 2970wx?
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