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Originally Posted by DevBiker View Post
While I understand your frustration, it's apparently not that common. It may also be one of those things that's related to a very specific set of hardware conditions that you are unlucky enough to have.

However, what you can do is rename the cpuidsdk.dll to cpuidsdk.bak. You will lose any monitoring of these values and any fan curves that may be based on these values will need to be reset, so it's not an ideal fix. But iCue will still operate properly. I'm not sure what Corsair devices you have that you need iCue for ... they aren't in your profile ... so I don't know how big of an issue this would be.
Honestly could care less about monitoring values and such (if I want to monitor values of anything I can use one of the other tons of hardware monitoring software that is out there), I only need iCue for my mouse since it's not the pro version so no onboard memory to hold profiles so I literally need to be running cue/icue for my mouse to work to it's fullest.. So I will try this and see if it helps.

Originally Posted by beardo47 View Post
No BSOD's here, your attitude stinks though OP, you won't receive help with an attitude.
Try having a blue screen of death literally every single day for 2+ weeks ontop of some of those days losing game saves due to the blue screen of death corrupting saves since it sometimes would happen while I was playing a game and was in middle of save or something or tons of other various scenarios, it get's annoyingly frustating very quickly.

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